Tucson Business, it’s about what you WANT

Tucson Business, it’s about what you WANT

Tucson AZ, it is one of the fastest growing “High-tech” business communities in the nation. With this fast growth comes a greater demand for flexible, scalable, intuitive, feature rich, customizable, and economical options for business class data and voice solutions.


The interesting thing though is that this “demand” is born more out of what is “wanted” than e https://remontibudowa.com/
https://przewodnikmodowy.pl/what is really “needed”.

I represent a large competitive local exchange company (CLEC) where I focus on the local Tucson AZ business community. It is my job to give business owners and principles what they “want” not necessarily what they need. Often times what they “want” is also what they “need” but not all the time. But what a business “needs’ is never as nearly important as what they “want”

Think of this “need / want” dynamic on a generalized personal level. Do people generally more often buy and consume less healthy white bread or healthier whole wheat bread? Statistically people more often buy and consume white bread…Why? Because it is what people “want” not what they “need”. Get it?

So how does this apply “need / want” dynamic apply to the Tucson business community and specifically to business class data and voice solutions where my expertise comes into play?


There are quite of few choices locally here in Tucson AZ for a local Tucson business to use as their data and voice provider. You have Qwest which is the legacy, “incumbent local exchange company” or ILEC, then a handful of other “competitive local exchange companies” CLEC’s such as Cox and Comcast and then a small group of service resellers and other companies that exist solely in the IP world that offer private network IP based services.

Anyone of these choices can fill the “need” to get the job done for the local business owner. But the real question is what does the business owner “want”? What are the rising trends? And who can consistently provide for these “wants” and rising trends?

Based on my field tested experience and research these are the trends and “wants” that I see as on the rise among Tucson businesses in regards to their voice and data solutions.

1. Scalability: Businesses want the flexibility and the choice to logistically scale their data and voice needs as their business grow

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