CyberHype 101

CyberHype 101

The cyber-hypsters can control any stock board. They appear to be10-20 or more enthusiastic stock investors. They claim to be long in thatstock. They tell the Board that the share price will go to the moon.Critics of the stock are called “Bashers.” They are insulted, ridiculed andtheir issues are ignored. The cyber-hypsters post support messages to theseattacks, using other names. It appears that every investor at the Boardstrongly favors the stock. The critics soon shut up and move on. If thecritics comments, against the stock had merit, the cyber-hypsters complainto the Board Sponsor and have the critics posted comments removed.

Now the goal is to gather pigeons to the Pump & Dump (P&D) Board.This can be done with spam. It can be done with free online investmentletters. It can be done as an adjunct to a traditional boiler room stockpromotion. It can be done with a direct mailing. What the promoters want isto put the pigeon into an environment where they are told to buy, buy andbuy more of whatever worthless stock is being pumped.

Getting pigeons to the Board can be done by pooches. The Canadianword “pooch” refers to a pigeon who will help the hyster by bringing otherpigeons to the slaughter. The pooch supplies friends, family, and businessassociates as buyers of the stock. A “pigeon” is anyone who puts their hardearned money into a stock scam.

It can be done by moving the pigeons from one Board to anotherBoard. There are cyber-hypsters who post on all Boards spam that encouragesthe pigeons to subscribe to a free newsletter, visit their website or visitanother Board.

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