How To Distinguish Between Your Constructive And Destructive Inner Voices

How To Distinguish Between Your Constructive And Destructive Inner Voices

They either help you or they don’t. They either make you feel positive or make you feel negative. They’re either constructive or destructive. They either bring about the best results or bring out the mediocre to worst results.

The trick is to first decide whether or not to listen to it at all. Some of your inner voices are to¬†utter gibberish. Ignore them. But sometimes they can lead you to a creative breakthrough. But that’s for another time, another place, another article.

Then, if you decide to listen to it, determine if it is positive, constructive, useful, and will lead to effective results or if it is negative, destructive, useless, and will lead to ineffective or sub-effective results. How?

Here’s how.


First, realise that the thing people commonly call your inner voice, or more precisely, your inner “perceptions” (those things in your consciousness that are not from your five physical senses) can come in many forms – voices, visual images, bodily feelings, emotions, memories, etc. It’s a whole myriad of stuff.

Appropriately categorise it. Ask yourself if it is an auditory perception (that which you hear), a visual stimuli (you see) or a kinesthetic signal (that which you feel with your body). Or is it an emotion or just an intangible concept or thought?

Ask your deeper mind why it gives you this signal. What is its purpose for giving you this message? Is it trying to tell you something?

Then ask if this “voice” comes from that popular concept of your “Highest Self”, that deep, innermost idea of your best self, who is perfect, of supreme integrity, of utmost wisdom and is guided by the highest good, in accordance with the Divine plan.

Okay, so that sounded a tad New Age-y.


Anyway, just ask yourself, “Is this right? Does it feel right at all?” Listen to yourself. Do you feel comfortable with this voice?

“If I listen to this voice, and I do what it tells me to do, what will I get? What results can I expect?”

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